A special word from Pastor Josh Finley...

Wrapping your mind around The Science of Getting Rich... The author says some pretty shocking things in the book about wealth and accumulating riches!

Let me encourage you to watch this short series of videos from my friend, Pastor Joshua Finley, to hear what he has to say about this. I believe his insights and biblical references will help a lot of us who operate from a Christian worldview, and to maybe see things in a different light?


Are you grateful more than you are critical? It's interesting how, for many people, when an idea rubs us the wrong way, we turn to judgement and shut our minds down to exploring other perspectives, instead of being grateful for new ideas that can open us up to growth and greater connection with God.


"How does God view poverty?"


"Master vs Servant"


"Right on the money"



"You too can walk on water"


Your questions, answered!

We've found that when people receive things for free, they tend not to value them as much as if they have given something for them .. SO .. we are asking something of you .. we want you to dedicate your TIME to this program. You will have access to each video for 48 hours, so you will need to find the time to watch the videos each day at a time convenient to you. 

Any lessons that have an optional deep dive video teaching are also FREE of charge to you and will be available for 48 hours for you to watch when convenient. 

All we ask is that you commit for the 15 days and that you think of 3 family members and friends you think would benefit from this study and invite them to join us - completely free of charge too!

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15 days, intensive but worth it! Our schedule looks like this*: 

Sat 16-Nov                 

Launch with a FB LIVE - welcome (and release recorded lesson 1 - preface and background

Sun 17-Nov                

Release recorded lesson 2 (the right to be rich)

Mon 18-Nov               

Release recorded lesson 3 (there is a science to getting rich)

Tue 19-Nov                

Release recorded lesson 4 (is opportunity monopolized?)

Wed 20-Nov               

Facebook LIVE sharing (and release recorded lesson 5 - the first principle)

Thu 21-Nov                

Release recorded lesson 6 (increasing life)    Recorded

Fri 22-Nov                  

Release recorded lesson 7 (how riches come to you)

Sat 23-Nov                 

Facebook LIVE sharing (and release recorded lesson 8 - gratitude)

Sun 24-Nov                

Release recorded lesson 9 (thinking in a certain way)

Mon 25-Nov               

Release recorded lesson 10 (how to use the will…)

Tue 26-Nov                

Release recorded lesson 11 (acting in the certain way)

Wed 27-Nov               

Facebook LIVE sharing (and release recorded lesson 12 - efficient action)   LIVE

Thu 28-Nov                

Release recorded lesson 13 (getting into the right business)

Fri 29-Nov

Release recorded lesson 14 (the impression of increase)

Sat 30-Nov                 

Final sharing call / FB LIVE (and release recorded lesson 15 - the summary of SGR)

*Subject to change.

You'll get a free digital Flipbook of the original version of the book to read and reference during the program and a free PDF version of the book to print out and take notes. You'll get immediate access to the members only program portal where all the resources will be added as we move through the program. You'll recieve an invite to our private Facebook group. You'be granted access to the teaching videos each day as they are released. You also be able to watch 5 LIVE streaming video teaching sessions and Q&A sessions (for those that miss the live sessions these sessions will be recorded and added to the portal)

Once registered, you'll become a member of our membership site. You can log in at www.yourempowered.life/login and click into The Science of Getting Rich FREE program from your library.

Yes! You'll have access to each lesson for 48 hours and can watch as many times as you like in that watch-window.

No! We provide a PDF companion text (line numbered too!) so you can follow along. We also provide the book in an easy to use digital Flipbook which can be viewed on screen, and also be added to your chosen e-reader. We also have a hard copy version of our book on Amazon if you'd rather a real, proper book :) it currently retails at $14.44 on Amazon (subject to change as we don't control the price there!).

Of course! We would be honored if you shared the registration link with the people that matter to you. It's www.sgr2019.com. Thank you so much!

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