Interested in the teaching license for one of our programs?

We don't just want to share business building tips and tricks within our community - we want you to be able to replicate our business model exactly: take our content and repurpose it for your own needs.

Designing Your Empowered Life / License To Teach

What would it take for you to run your own transformational 12-month program? Share your journey of personal growth ...

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Think & Grow Rich Licensing

Having now experienced the power of the TAGR Journey first hand, you know that this material is truly life-changing! ...

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Digital Product Millionaire

Many people dream of having their own product with their own name on it and their own picture on the cover. Often the...

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10 Steps

You've probably seen this keynote as part of our Influencing The Outcome seminar. It's Paul Martinelli's #1 requested...

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Empowerment Mentoring Program: Business-In-A-Box

The Empowerment Mentoring Program is the heart of the Empowerment Mentoring Community.  The objective of the pro...

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Science of Getting Rich - License to teach

Wallace D. Wattles says 'No one ever got rich by thinking about poverty and studying poverty!' and if this is indeed ...

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Instant Author Book Publishing

You've heard Paul say it time and time again .. DON'T publish a book! For most people it's simply not the best busine...

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