Empowerment Mentoring Program

The Empowerment Mentoring Program is the heart of the Empowered Living Community. The objective of the program is to provide an instant product that you can sell whenever you speak or talk to any potential clients. It is a complete business in a box or a module of your existing business. It is ready to use as it is, or you can personalize it to be in harmony with your area of expertise or existing business.

The core of the program is 12 modules that you can deliver on regular calls to form your own Continuity Mentorship Program.  You can charge what you want for your program – it could be a high ticket program that you sell 12 months of study for $3,000 - $5,000 or you could bonus it with your own private coaching that you sell for $10,000 or $20,000.

The 12 core modules are around 4,000 to 5,000 words each and typically take around 30 to 40 minutes to deliver. The 12 core modules are: 

• Harmony
• Drama
• Forgiveness
• Gratitude
• World Famous
• You are Perfect
• Terror Barrier
• Attitude
• Comfort Zone
• Perception
• Authentic Journaling
• Purpose, Vision, Goals

In order to get very good at delivering the modules, the Speaking The Written Word ½ day workshop from the Speaking for Influence Series is included with the purchase of the Empowerment Mentoring Program.

In addition to the core program, there are several elements to assist in making Empowerment Mentoring a standalone ‘Business in a Box’

  • Support calls once per month, recorded and downloadable.
  • Social media kit including 52 blogs, 365 daily thoughts, 25 Facebook / Twitter posts
  • Branding kit including promotional postcards, flyers, brochure, letterhead, logo
  • Seminar recording of Influencing the Outcome – how to sell from the platform
  • 7 step system script keynote talk with built in offer for your program
  • Enrollment forms
  • Call etiquette email, welcome email, call reminder email, think about it email
  • 6 Les Brown videos, for you to enjoy and use to market your program


Join the growing Empowerment Mentoring Community .. We would love for you to! If you would like more information and for testimonials of the program, you can listen to Paul Martinelli explain the program in detail in this audio file.


Note: The special pricing and bundled offer that Paul mentions in the call is not currently available as the event has passed.


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