Get Ready for a Year-Long Focus on Y.O.U.

Begin a journey of personal growth and development within a community of like-minded dream achievers!

We all want more out of life don't we? But too often, on our quest to live a richer and more rewarding life, we drift off course and seem to get lost along the way.
Our successes can be sporadic, sometimes few and far between; and our disappointments can be crushing. We take a short rest and before we know it, 10 years have slipped by practically unnoticed.
But deep down we know there is far more to life than this. We know we are capable of much, much more .. it just doesn't seem to be working for us.
Designing Your Empowered Life is a step-by-step program anyone can use, wherever they are in their personal development journey to get back on track and start giving life everything they've got.
If you are not playing full out now, what do you think would happen if you focused on YOU for twelve consecutive months and gave YOU all you had?


The next 12 months are going to pass anyway - whether you really intentionally focus on getting where you want to go, or whether you just carry on on auto-pilot - God willing, you are going to end up somewhere in a years time, the question is, is it going to be somewhere you really want to be? Because wherever that is, you are only ever going to get there from where you are right now. And to get from here to there, you are going to have to have a plan!

Designing Your Empowered Life

For the next 12 months, our program guides you through a process to help you:

  • Work out what it is you really want out of life

  • Think about what living full out really looks like

  • Understand where it is you are starting from

  • Take inventory of all your amazing gifts and talents that you are currently under utilizing 

  • Identify what's working for you and what's not

  • Get really clear on what is holding you back

  • Decide upon your immediate next steps to get you moving in the right direction

In joining this program you are making a commitment to yourself, a commitment to others who have taken and are now taking this journey, and a commitment to Paul and Roddy as your guides, to go all out and design and live the life you want to live. It's an exciting journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way!

Join all those who have taken the journey.

How It Works

Once you enroll in the Your Empowered Life program, you’ll receive access to our online portal where you will receive 24 recorded teaching lessons from Paul Martinelli, summary videos from Roddy Galbraith, Q&A recorded calls, PDF downloads, study guides, and more.

We know everyone learns differently, so we are providing the training resources in a variety of different formats to better suit your particular learning style.

We recommend that you take 12 months to go through the study-one week to listen to and study the recorded lesson, one week to watch the video summary, one week to listen to the recorded sharing call (per lesson), and one week of reflection.

This is the first time that Paul Martinelli has offered this new program of all new, never before taught, life-changing information.   

Are you ready?

Chasing big dreams takes guts! But taking this journey will make it easier to stay on track; make it more rewarding; and set you on the path to designing your empowered life!

Your Empowered Life Design Journey Includes...

Module One

CREATE - Harnessing your power to create

You are a creative being. You have the power to create a marvellous life filled with power possibility and promise. You are creating every day, whether you realise it or not. Most people simply recreate the same experiences over and over!  What are you making of your life?

Module Two

Self Awareness - Seeing things as they are and living a fulfilled life

Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. One of the key areas to examine ought to be us! Know Thyself! The world holds up a merciless mirror. If we want to change what we see in the world, we need to change ourselves.

Module Three

Plentitude - You are worthy of living an abundant life - in all areas!

We can all agree that we live in a world of abundance, but a prosperity consciousness means 'and for you too!'  Get over limiting beliefs that hold you back from claiming what is rightfully yours.  Embrace the fullness of your life in all areas.

Module Four

Vitality-You and your amazing body!

You have everything you need for a full life.  You are perfect.  You have more potential than you could ever dream of using.  But you can't ever be really happy or wealthy, without being healthy.  Turn your thoughts and actions around to live a life full of vitality!

Module Five

Love - You are worthy to give & receive love!

You are a wonderful, perfectly imperfect human being just like everyone else.  Learning to love yourself is the first step to really loving others.  But learning how to love-fully and openly-can be more of a challenge than we think!

Module Six

Living From Possibility - Are you willing to enter into life's experiment?

Being creative beings, we have access to the marvellous tool of thought. Creative thought gives us enormous power. Thought is an infinite resource. Our thinking is literally unlimited. Our potential is literally unlimited.

Tell Me More...

Your Empowered Life program also includes:

  • Paul will guide you through the Your Empowered Life journey. There are 24 lessons in total. You can go back and listen again and again.
  • Video summaries included as a visual overview of some of the key points of each lesson. 24 videos in total.
  • Recorded sharing calls from participants included so that you can gleen from the insights and awareness of others who have taken the journey before.
  • Step-by-step guided curriculum including self reflecting worksheets and exercises to complete.
  • Access to our online community through our our closed Facebook group, giving a safe space to share and reflect.
  • Access your resources across all devices forever! Download for listening on the go
  • We recommend that you take 12 months to go through the study-one week to listen to and study the recorded lesson, one week to watch the video summary, one week to listen to the recorded sharing call (per lesson), and one week of reflection.


I'm ready to design my empowered life!

Your Life-Design Guides


PAUL MARTINELLI travels the globe spreading the word about unleashing one’s true potential and the power of what the mind can truly accomplish. His plain spoken wisdom immediately connects with individuals and groups from all backgrounds. From humble and difficult beginnings, Paul learned to tap into his own true potential and became a multimillionaire. His life changing messages are available through workshops, retreats, seminars, webinars, coaching services, and keynote speeches. Paul is also a master at training others how to become skilled personal development coaches and platform speakers. 


RODDY GALBRAITH is an international speaker, trainer and mentor with a passion for helping people find their voice, craft their message and hone their delivery.  Over the years he has worked with thousands of different people from over 100 different countries.  His expertise in hypnosis and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy helps his clients overcome their fears of speaking, whilst nurturing a confidence that comes from being thoroughly prepared.  He has shared the stage with masters such as Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and John C. Maxwell.

Your Investment Options

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4 teaching lessons

4 video summaries

4 live Q&A calls

4 self-reflection exercises


12 month program


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24 teaching lessons

24 video summaries

24 live Q&A calls

24 self-reflection exercises

Access to private Facebook community


12 month program


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Get all six modules!

24 teaching lessons

24 video summaries

24 live Q&A calls

24 self-reflection exercises

Access to private Facebook community