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Tolerating the intolerable

paul martinelli tolerate Mar 07, 2020

Today is a day to remember! The experience underscores for me the importance of maintaining an open mind to new perspectives and new ideas.

Now, how can you possibly sum up a learning experience that’s been arranged by one of the greatest teachers alive today - John Maxwell himself? Well, let me give it a shot.  If you’re not familiar with John Maxwell or are not a part of the John Maxwell Team, you should certainly check it out.

There we were, standing on one of the peaks of the Golan Heights, the territory of northern Israel bordering Lebanon and Syria. To say there is an eerie feel to the land would be a vast understatement. As we drove in jeeps on dirt roads, deeply rutted and lined by barbed wire fences warning of the minefields right beyond, I looked around and just took it in.

The energy...Tenuous. Paranoid. Fragile.

Such an atmosphere filled the space. We were “safe”, certainly. They wouldn’t take a group of tourists to a currently active...

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