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We grow on the road

growth paul martinelli Aug 01, 2019

We grow on the road!

I travel around the world, and as an international speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor, teaching all over the world, an idea that I often share – and something that I’ve become known for – is this idea that we grow on the road.

The more you travel, the smaller the world becomes. And as you expand your horizons outwardly in this way, it’s difficult not to expand inwardly. When you experience other cultures, other ways of living, different people, different histories, different artwork, it’s hard not to recognize the human spirit in all of it, the ingenuity of humankind. There are people all over the world, who are actually not so different from yourself as you might think, who are just figuring out how to live their lives. They all have dreams. They all have hopes. They all have fears. They all have worries.

And when you observe all these different people, all over the world, living their lives, you can see how we are each making the...

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