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What's the real point of being grateful?

gratitude paul martinelli Sep 07, 2019

The second highest vibrational frequency in this world is that of gratitude, second only to love. Love and gratitude – the two greatest forces in this world, forces for good, forces for empowerment, forces for healing, forces for inspiration, forces for freedom and liberation.  

But let me ask you, how often do you actually operate from a conscious state of love and gratitude? In your day-to-day life, how often do you intentionally express love and gratitude, towards yourself and to others?   It takes time and effort to train your mind and your heart to be able to calm your physical body temple to enter into a state of love and gratitude. But as you practice making this your default state of being, everything in your life will change.   So, let me ask you, today, in this very moment, as you read this message, what are you grateful for?  

Roddy and I were doing a drop-in Facebook Live earlier this week (it’s still up on our Empowered Living facebook group if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet…), and Roddy shared something incredibly profound, a lesson which we would all be well-served to hear – a lesson to which I have given much thought over the last couple days.   And even if you were with us for the Facebook Live, hear me out on this. Remember, every time you intentionally tune into a teaching or an idea or a concept or a lesson, even if it’s one you’ve heard a thousand times before, you will take something new from it, and it will raise your level of awareness. Because where you are RIGHT NOW is a completely different place, spiritually, emotionally, and physically than where you were on Wednesday night when you first heard Roddy and I chatting about this.  

So, here’s the story. Roddy and Susan made the decision mid-last week to evacuate from their home on Jupiter Island. With the impending Hurricane Dorian apparently heading straight for their beach, they packed up their family and headed north to Georgia. They booked an Air BnB cabin just north of Atlanta, and they planned to remove themselves from the chaos that was South Florida, and have a mini-family vacation instead.   This is how you make a vacation out of a hurricane:   


Now, Roddy has developed a certain practice (in other words, he has trained himself to do this over time). It’s the practice of reflecting on all that he is grateful for in his life, as he settles his mind for sleep each night or wakes early in the morning. At a time like this, when there’s a category 4 or 5 hurricane that seems to be coming straight for your home, this is when the practice really pays off. Most people would have a really hard time quieting their minds and focusing on the good in their lives, instead being distracted by the unknown of potential destruction to their home, their belongings, their “stuff.”  

But Roddy, who is one of the most disciplined and intentional individuals I know and am proud to call friend, was lying in bed in this little cabin in Georgia in the wee hours of the morning, and chose to shift his focus to gratitude, to all those good things in his life. He started going through the list in his mind, praying… “I’m grateful for my beautiful wife, Susan. I’m grateful for my four incredible children, Amelie, Eliza, Leon, and Louis. I’m grateful for our safety. I’m grateful that we have the resources to move our family out of harm’s way. I’m grateful for the beauty of nature that we get to experience here in the mountains of north Georgia.” And so on, and so forth. 

And as he continued through the list, he started noticing in a new way than he ever had before that the vast majority of things on his list were not new to the list. They are things that have been in his life and on his gratitude list for a long time. And although he’s expressed gratitude for these things many times before, even still, he continues in his practice, building and strengthening his mental muscle of gratitude for these same things and more.  

And then it hit him. As he was lying there in bed, hearing the soft sounds of beautiful Susan sleeping beside him, his awareness shifted. It was as if the eyes of his heart opened up in a new way, and he saw and experienced this practice of gratitude like never before. You see, all these mornings and evenings that he has been practicing gratitude, he’s been reciting through much the same list of things in his life, although gradually the list gets longer each time. But why? What is the ultimate purpose of practicing gratitude in this way, focusing on it every single day, with consistency and intention? And what’s the point of expressing gratitude for the same things over and over again?  

Well, Roddy operates at a very high level of awareness and he knows and understands that gratitude is one of the highest energetic states in which a person can exist. So of course, practicing gratitude in this way every single day raises his own vibrational frequency. But once you’ve been grateful for one thing, what’s the point of being grateful for it over and over and over again? Isn’t it enough to express gratitude for something once, and move on with other things?  

Here’s what came to Roddy. What IF the point of being grateful for something isn’t about being grateful for that thing….?? What IF the greater purpose of being grateful is actually that it leads you to the awareness that you ARE grateful?   What if that thing for which you are grateful is actually fairly inconsequential compared to the greater effect of being grateful that you have the awareness to be grateful?   …Being grateful for the awareness, more so than just being grateful for the thing?...   Of course, in order to be grateful for the awareness that you are grateful, you have to be grateful for something, and you have to express that gratitude! But maybe, just maybe, the greater impact on your life, and on your energetic frequency, is the gratitude for the awareness that you are choosing to be grateful.   Just let that sink in and marinate for a time.

I believe in you and I believe in your dream!!

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