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We grow on the road

growth paul martinelli Aug 01, 2019

We grow on the road!

I travel around the world, and as an international speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor, teaching all over the world, an idea that I often share – and something that I’ve become known for – is this idea that we grow on the road.

The more you travel, the smaller the world becomes. And as you expand your horizons outwardly in this way, it’s difficult not to expand inwardly. When you experience other cultures, other ways of living, different people, different histories, different artwork, it’s hard not to recognize the human spirit in all of it, the ingenuity of humankind. There are people all over the world, who are actually not so different from yourself as you might think, who are just figuring out how to live their lives. They all have dreams. They all have hopes. They all have fears. They all have worries.

And when you observe all these different people, all over the world, living their lives, you can see how we are each making the best decisions we know to make, based on our current level of awareness, taking the next step that we know to take.

Now, the growing process also works the other way, from the inside out. In fact, this is the growing that really produces major change in your life. When you’re intentional about your inner growth, it cannot help but show up in your outer world.

As James Allen writes in the chapter on Vision and Ideals, “You cannot travel within and stand still without.” In other words, it is impossible to grow and change inwardly without the growth showing up outwardly also.

I want you to just think about something here. Let’s take a look at our core Empowerment Mentoring Team. We have Roddy and Susan, Holly, Heather and Andrew, Gerson, Daniela, Ezequiel, and myself. If you were to add up what we have collectively spent to invest in our own personal growth, it would be well over a million dollars.

People ask, why do you take your money and invest in yourself? Why do you take your time and invest in yourself? They can’t understand why someone would do that. And to be honest, we can’t understand why they wouldn’t.

If you look at the outward results for any one of us, you would see that the inward growth pays in big dividends.

I want to share with you some pictures of our team. Pictures from the last few months, that illustrate our own growth journey. We have all traveled all over the world, spending time together in different cities, in different countries, at different events.

I don’t say this to brag, but to prove a point. Intentional inward growth leads to outward transformation. It’s a lawful process. It’s how God created this universe to operate. Now the Law of Gender comes into play. The minute I started growing inwardly, my outward conditions and circumstances didn’t change immediately. It took intentional focus, energy, and time for the outward results to manifest in my life. But as soon as I began that inner growth journey, the process had begun. The seed was planted. And I simply needed to nurture, protect, water, and cultivate that dream seed that I had planted.

Now, it’s a simple process, but it’s not an easy one.

However, if you stick to it, with time, the results will absolutely show up. It is a lawful process.

Here are some pictures of the Empowerment Mentoring Team from our travels over the last few months.

Gerson, Roddy, and I speaking at Gerson’s Empowerment Mentoring event in Costa Rica:

Gerson on stage in Romania:


Daniela and Heather in Paris:

 Daniela and I speaking at Daniela’s Empowerment Mentoring event in Romania:

 Daniela and Ezequiel in Romania:

 Roddy, Susan, Gerson and I in Costa Rica:

Heather and Andrew in the south of England:

Our Polish JMT friends, Iwona and Dorota, my teaching partner, Inge from Belgium, and myself at the Michelin Restaurant in Rome:

 Our friends all together at the Michelin hotel lounge in Rome after the dinner:

The ladies (Iwona, Susan, Holly, Inge, and Dorota) at the Michelin Restaurant in Rome:

So, we have done recent EM events in Romania and Costa Rica… Ezequiel, I think it’s time we all meet in Paris next!

Anyway, this is one of the important things about being in a community, like Empowerment Mentoring or the John Maxwell Team.

In my own journey of growth, I was very intentional about who I spent time with, who I shared my dream with, the kinds of people I would be around. There are a lot of dream killers out there, and just like a small seedling or the bud of a new plant can be easily hurt or damaged, your dream is tender. It needs to be protected. And it needs to be fostered in a community of people who will protect it with you.

We are spiritual beings, seeking fuller expression and fuller expansion. Everything in the universe is in a constant state of change, and is either expanding or contracting, either growing or disintegrating.

It is important to realize that growth and expansion take place on the creative plane. You can choose to either operate creatively, or to operate competitively. Within Empowerment Mentoring, our leaders have been intentional to create and not to compete. And I believe you would be well served to take this to heart in your own journey.

So many people see what Roddy and I have created with Empowerment Mentoring, and they also see the work we do with the John Maxwell Team, and they are puzzled, wondering how these two communities, these two businesses do not compete with each other?

Roddy and I don’t operate from the competitive plane. In fact, because of the John Maxwell Team, we’ve seen Empowerment Mentoring expand. And because of Empowerment Mentoring, we’ve seen the John Maxwell Team expand.

When you operate from the creative plane, rather than the competitive plane, everything grows.

Competition is all about beating somebody, taking someone out, minimizing something else. On the other hand, creativity is about multiplying, maximizing, and expanding. The rising tide lifts all boats.

If you were to just look at my Facebook profile, or the profiles of our other leaders, we’re constantly promoting other people’s programs and books and workshops. I actively reach out to people when I see someone in our tribe who is launching something new, to ask if I can promote them and the work they’re doing. Again, a rising tide truly does lift all boats.

I’m looking forward to going more in-depth on this in the fall, as Roddy and I prepare to teach you one of the great works of personal development, The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. Wattles speaks into this idea of working on the creative plane, and when you learn to approach your dream and your goals in this manner, everything will change for you. It cannot help but lead to expansion and multiplication.

Thank you for being a part of my life and my dream!! Thank you for choosing to grow and nurture your own dream. The world needs more people like you.

I believe in you and I believe in your dream!!

 Hold Your Image!!


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