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There is no such thing as risk

I believe that there is a God and that we are connected to him, that we are one with him. I also believe that many of us, at different points in our lives, lack the awareness of our oneness with God. 

Don’t get hung up on the word, “God”. No matter your background and your spiritual beliefs, it applies the same. I could easily interchange this word, “God”, with Source, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Universe. You choose the word that resonates with you, that fits into your map of the world.

I also believe that this world and everything in it, including you and I, are created perfectly and abundantly, and for fuller expression and fuller expansion. It is in our nature. It is in our DNA.

And yet, there have been so many times in my own life where I have been disconnected from this knowingness, from this awareness of my birthright, my essence, and my oneness with God.

And what happens? Worry, anxiety, stress, and a focus on scarcity, lack, and limitation enter into my mind. It holds me back from growth, from experiencing all that I was created and designed to experience in this life. Under these conditions and circumstances, in this lack of awareness of my oneness with my Source, any step forward that is new, that is different from my past, feels like a risk… Because what if I fail? What if I make a mistake? What if I lose money? What if I make a fool of myself, and my family and friends lose respect for me? And so on and so forth… all those things we have been programmed to believe…


Who do you think you ____?

How you gonna do ____?

Where you gonna get the ____?


You get it, right?

But I want to share something with you, a different perspective. This is something I have come to understand and believe after years and years of study, and I want to share it with you in the simplest terms I can, so that you don’t have to struggle for years like I did. 

There is no such thing as risk.

Risk is a myth. Risk is a hallucination.

Because if you believe, like I do, that you are one with God, Source, the Universe, and you have been gifted with creative ability to create what you desire in your life, then you have access to all the resources and knowledge and ability to do this, through God and the Universe. So, if your desire is to build a successful business, where’s the risk in taking the next step towards that? You have within you all the resources necessary to take that step, to move in the direction of your dreams.

And yet, when we lack the awareness of our oneness with God, we don’t FEEL resourced, we don’t FEEL like we can do it. And our feelings betray us. Our feelings and our belief that we lack the resources, blind us to the truth of our full resourcefulness. 

Because THAT is your truth. THAT state of being fully resourced to create whatever you desire in your life is who you are in the essence of your being.  

On Wednesday March 13, 2019 at 2:15PM EST Roddy and I are going to be teaching all about the Myth of Risk. In order to live from a place of the awareness of your oneness with God and the resources that are within you, you must learn to anchor these truths within you. Join us on our closed Facebook group to be part of the lesson live, or register now at so you can access the recording.

I believe in you, and I believe in your dream! 


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