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paul martinelli stella Oct 26, 2019

Quite frankly, this last week has been a difficult one. A week ago from yesterday, a special woman, who has been more of a mother to me than my own mother ever was, passed from this world to the next. My sweet Stella!

Some of you received the email from me a few months ago when Stella was in the hospital, and others of you might have seen the post I made in tribute to her life on my Facebook page in the wee hours of Saturday morning last week, as I was grieving the loss of this beloved and incredible woman.

Let me tell you a little more about her, because there are some great lessons that I believe we can all glean from Stella’s life, and that I believe she would want us to learn and apply in our own lives in order to live more fully and more freely.

If Stella was still living, she would have turned 98 years old yesterday. Just think of that. Almost a century of time passed on this earth. She lived almost double what I have currently lived. It’s kind of crazy to think about that. And she lived life fully! Right up to the end, she had a spark in her that she wasn’t going to let anyone else extinguish. And she was going to go when she was good and ready, and not a second before.

Think of Stella’s life. The things that she has seen.

Truly, Stella has seen the impossible come to be. What “everyone” believed could never happen, became possible over the course of her life.

The landing on the moon.

The invention of the internet.

Cellphones all over the world.

Incredible health technology advancements (polio has all but been eradicated from this planet).

Computers. Microwaves. Credit cards. The Hubble telescope. Contact lenses. The artificial heart… seriously, the list goes on and on and on and on. We could fill pages, just listing out the inventions and accomplishments that have been created and brought forth in the last 98 years. And Stella got to witness that. What would that do for your belief if you got to see half the number of things come to pass as Stella did? Maybe you have… it’s worth considering.

I wonder how many people told somebody, “oh that will never happen,” about any one of these ideas? Yet, for every single invention, someone chose to suspend the disbelief and to see in their minds that which had never been created in physical reality, and then to bring it forth into existence. Birthing a new idea. A vision. A dream.

Now just think about it. We couldn’t imagine our lives now without many of these inventions. And it’s just “normal” now. It’s how things are. Cellphones, laptops, internet, health technology, money technology… so many things. ‘It’s just the way it is.’

But how many times has that statement been flipped on it’s head?

How many times has someone told you, “you can’t do that… it’s just the way it is.”???

I know I’ve been told that plenty of times. I am thankful that I had the wherewithal (and truthfully, and more importantly, the influences in my life to show me my truth) to know that I didn’t have to define my limitations and boundaries according to anyone else’s opinions about what I could or couldn’t do. The truth is, any limitation is but an illusion when we see ourselves separate from our source, the universe, God, all that IS.

And you don’t have to live by these limitations either. Do you want to create the impossible in your life? Then go do it! It all begins in the form of a thought. Allow that seed-thought to develop and grow. Nurture it. Cultivate it. Water it. Pull out the weeds. And make it welcome in your life. You don’t have to make it happen. In fact, you can’t make it happen. But you can absolutely make it welcome! As you do, so it will become.

As I have been reflecting this past week on Stella’s life, I’m so thankful that it has brought forth in me this reminder. I think it’s a good reminder for me and for each one of us.

Now, for the hundreds of you who have reached out to express your condolences, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have read each comment on the Facebook posts, every email, every text. If I haven’t had a chance to respond, just know that I have heard you and I feel your support and your love. Thank you.

I have another musing from the life of Stella that is coming to me, but I think I will save it for next time. So, stay tuned and be sure to catch the next message of this kind that will come through sometime next week.

I believe in you and I believe in your dream!!

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