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How successful people make the best decisions

decisions paul martinelli Oct 11, 2019

Have you ever made a decision, one that you know deep down in your heart is the right one, and yet you still second guess yourself?

You're going to start healthy living and release that last 20lbs, but your spouse isn't very supportive. You decide to cancel a social engagement because you need to take some time out for yourself after a tough week, and your friend gives you a hard time. You know an employee isn't working out in your company but you dread the inevitable conversation. You're actually not sure if this is the right job / apartment / training / restaurant / <insert one of the million decisions you make every day in here> for you.

There's this strange assumption that if a decision ends up hurting others, offending someone or just generally causes friction... that the validity of the DECISION is in question.

The fact is there's no such thing as a bad decision. Just like there are no good decisions.  

Think about it.. all we are doing is making our minds up based on the information we have in front us at that time, and once we make a choice, the chips will land wherever they land.

Any decision - seemingly small or large - has consequences, and the truth is we don't know what change might be affected by our decisions. And that can be really scary!

But that's life...

I like to think of situations like these as opportunities. Opportunities to have a difficult conversation. Opportunities to say "I'm sorry, I messed that up". Opportunities to learn how to stand up for yourself even whilst being disapproved. Opportunities to be more self aware. More empathetic. Less judgemental.

All areas that serve as the curriculum for your growth. And that's a GOOD thing!

As the saying goes: "Make a decision. And then make the decision right." Look, successful people don't make the "best" decisions - they just make the best of the decisions they make! 

So... how to stop second guessing yourself?

First of all, trust your intuition. You might not always be right, but there's a reason you are where you are right now. Feeling uncomfortable might just be due to the fact that you're are stepping out of your comfort zone, right?

Second, look for opportunities to grow. If things didn't pan out exactly as you hoped, what can you learn from it? What would you do differently next time? Has this experience somehow made you better? Our life is a series of trials and errors, hopefully learning and course-correcting as we go.

Third, let it GO! There's no power in habitually second guessing yourself. And whatever the outcome, release yourself from the attachment to it. Your goal should be consistent movement - going "confidently in the direction of your dreams." Don't label any step as "forward" or "backward"... it just IS. Just go confidently!

Whatever is manifesting in your life and from your decisions... you can flip the switch, choose a new thought... sit in the discomfort of change... You can do it! I really believe that! How you live this life is up to you, my friend.

That's what living a truly empowered life looks like. And that's what we are all about in our Empowered Living community!

We believe in you and we believe in your dream!!

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