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are you kind to yourself?


I’ve been thinking lately about that inner voice of self-judgement that comes around from time to time – sometimes more often than I care to admit.

That voice that’s the opposite of “kind and gentle.” Isn’t it interesting how that inner voice speaks to you and starts reminding you of all the ways you’ve failed and all the things you’ve done wrong and all the people you’ve let down?

Your own inner critic and judge. Keeping score against yourself.

Do you know what I mean?

I know all about it because I’ve been there, listening to that voice too many times to count. There have been so many times in my life where I felt like a total failure, that I would never amount to anything, that I was just a high school dropout, dumb and stupid, with no hope for a better future. And that voice would keep reminding me of all these things. And every time I made a mistake, that inner judge would remind me all over again.

Have you heard that voice? If I had to guess, I don’t think a single person on this planet gets to live their life without that inner critic making its appearance, coming around just to remind us what we’ve done wrong. 

But you know what else I’ve learned? I don’t have to listen to that voice. I can quiet it. I can find a place within myself to be kind and gentle to me. It took me a while to learn this idea of being kind and gentle to myself… I had to practice. I had to come up with strategies to quiet that inner critic, that ego-centered voice of self-judgment. And I still have to work on it today.

I was just at an event that my team organizes twice a year, and during this 3-day event, I train the audience for about 2 hours on mindset and entrepreneurship. And I’ve done this presentation many many times. At one level, I know how to deliver this talk and I know it’s good. And I’ve also learned that no matter what level you’re at, in whatever your area of focus and expertise is… this voice of self-judgement finds a way in. And I remember getting off the stage and thinking to myself, “that was the worst I’ve done in a long time.” That’s the first thing I thought. I didn’t think about the applause. I didn’t think about the how thousands of people were madly taking notes while I spoke. I thought, “that’s the worst I’ve done in a long time.” Interesting, right? 

So, what I’ll do from here is shift my focus from “that’s the worst I’ve done” to “let me learn and improve.” Just that subtle shift completely changes my focus and my energy.

There are 5 key practices that I have implemented in my life… and these are practices. Remember that – they take PRACTICE. You’re not going to get it right all the time or right away. And that’s okay. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

I want to share one of the five with you here. Take some time, quiet your mind, and begin to list out all of your accomplishments, all of the things you’ve done, great or small, that you are proud of, but that you’ve never really allowed yourself to celebrate. Make an inventory of your greatness, your resourcefulness, your uniqueness.

And when that critic comes around again, have that list on hand to remind yourself of your truth and of your greatness.

Join Roddy and I on Monday at 7pm for our full teaching on this and let me share with you all 5 practices that we utilize to quiet this voice of self-judgement and instead to be kind and gentle with ourselves. 

I believe in you and I believe in your dream!!

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