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Another Seat At The Table:

A Comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Program

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Created by Expert Corporate Trainer Josh Rich



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What’s Unique About This Diversity & Inclusion
Training Program?

Are you a Pioneer, a Champion or an Influencer?

Knowing the natural role you play in building diverse and inclusive environments and knowing how to guide others in discovering their natural role, is ESSENTIAL to bringing about lasting change in our workplaces and our world.

What sets apart this Diversity & Inclusion training - “Another Seat At The Table” - which you can be licensed to teach immediately, from any others in the marketplace is our proprietary core curriculum called:

“The Pioneer, The Champion, And The Influencer”

This core teaching helps everyone self-identify the role they can play and brings to light how each person as an individual is integral in this bigger picture process.


Imagine yourself as a
licensed Diversity & Inclusion trainer

You, as a licensed trainer for Another Seat At The Table, will be able to help EACH PERSON in your training sessions identify...

  • Their own role
  • What motivates them
  • What their self-talk is (and how that may positively or negatively affect their contribution)
  • And what change-driven actions they can take right away to make a difference

And if anyone is playing the role of the hesitator or the obstructor, you as a trainer have all the tools you need to make it safe for them to open their minds to a more forward-thinking approach.

This curriculum is proprietary to Another Seat At The Table, and is the DIFFERENCE-MAKER in you being able to help any team thrive in the process of building greater diversity and inclusion.


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Meet Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, Josh Rich

"We're all on this journey called life."

I believe there are so many variables that impact us becoming the best versions of ourselves.

For the past 10 years, it has been my passion to help provide others a seat at the table within various companies. From my seat, I have seen the tremendous opportunities that people have to shape organizational strategy by allowing different perspectives and voices to contribute to their culture. 

Today, I recognize more keenly that the key to our success is not only what we can do for ourselves, but just as importantly, being in an environment that is conducive to continued growth, is a contributing factor that can't be ignored.

I look forward to connecting with you and continuing this conversation around diversity, inclusion and opportunity!

Truly A Business-In-A-Box Solution!

As a license holder for Another Seat At The Table: A Comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Program, you can step into any human resource department, manager’s office, or business of any size, and know with absolute certainty that you have ALL the resources and tools you need to deliver a comprehensive and highly-effective training program to their teams. 

  • Transcripts for the full courses
  • Plug and Play Video Course Materials (teach it yourself or play the videos of expert trainer, Josh Rich, leading the training, and facilitate the conversation using our facilitator guide)
  • Facilitator Questions to accompany the video courses
  • Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide (customize with your name and logo)
  • PowerPoint Presentations for each lesson
  • 6 Scenario Videos to illustrate and reinforce teaching points
  • Pre-Test for all training attendees as well as Leave-Behind Materials to reinforce the learning
  • Mastermind Guide for deeper-dive training
  • Lunch & Learn Script (that can be easily used to generate leads for paid training)
  • All Marketing Resources, including marketing email sequences, social media posts, Facebook ad copy, and editable graphics
  • Video Marketing Sizzle Reel that you can customize with your company’s logo and branding (or those of your clients)
  • Comprehensive Sales Tools, which include a sales email template, a cold-call appointment script, and a sales conversation script and guide
  • And More...
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Let Me Ask You Again: Do You Want To Be Part Of The Solution…

...With A Solution That Is Recognized And That Works?

Now, we understand that putting together your own curriculum can take months and even years to ensure it is effective, viable, and exactly what your clients need.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you!

We even went the extra mile to ensure this program meets SHRM requirements (Society for Human Resource Management) - the highest human resource training designation that is internationally recognized.

What does this mean for you?

As a SHRM Recertification Provider we have developed the Another Seat At The Table training program to qualify under SHRM’s standards AND when you enroll, we will hold 3 live Q&A support calls providing you with details on how you can apply to be *SHRM Recertification Provider Program.

*We cannot transfer to you our SHRM credentials, you are required to become an approved SHRM Recertification Provider in order to offer PDCs or promote this program as meeting SHRM requirements.  

So go ahead and set up your first Diversity & Inclusion proposal meeting with confidence! 


The ROI Makes This An Easy Choice!

As a training provider of this Diversity & Inclusion solution, you will not only help our world take massive action towards creating diverse and inclusive environments all over the globe, but your training business will boom like never before.

With the average half-day to full-day Diversity & Inclusion training priced at $1500-$4000; with more companies every single day waking up to the fact that they need this training; and with our easy-to-use, intuitive marketing and sales tools and processes, you can with great certainty add this training to your portfolio and begin helping organizations and individuals while also positively impacting the immediate financial health of your training company.

Don’t waste precious time and resources trying to come up with a solution yourself, when you can make a truly reasonable investment that can easily lead to an ROI that is many, many times greater, while helping individuals, teams and organizations around the world!

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