As A Man Thinketh - The Masters Series

In 1902 James Allen wrote a masterpiece that explains exactly how to use the marvelous tool of thought, a tool that gives us enormous power - a power that is available to us all. It’s a short book .. a book you can easily read in an hour or two .. but it’s a book that you can study for a lifetime. In it, Allen gives one of the most concise descriptions ever written on how to use the mind to shape our world. In this in-depth workshop (over 4 and a half hours of teaching!) , we study the power contained in this little book of timeless wisdom.

Timeless principles on utilising
the power of your thoughts every single day

During the workshop we:

♦ Unpick the secrets contained in Allen’s great work

♦ Explore in detail this great power and how it works

♦ Uncover the most common pitfalls in its application

♦ Including the one biggest mistake that everyone makes

♦ Draw out from the text the key steps to success in any area

♦ ... and Reveal the critical steps in our ‘As a Man Thinketh System’ for successful living

To ensure you get absolutely the best value from the program, you will get:

♦ 100 page digital workbook to follow along

♦ A digital copy of the working text of the book for your digital library

♦ Audio version of the book

♦ A PDF version of the book to print out

♦ The workshop recording is downloadable 

♦ Access to the private program web portal to revisit at your leisure forever!

♦ 2 plus hours of teaching and discussion around the key themes in the book


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