The 3-Day Retreat That Changes Everything!
MAY 3-5, 2019

Our long-awaited 2019 dates have been released for this 3-day life-altering experience. Join us this May in Atlanta, GA!

Learn more about YOU, learn more about what you are capable of, and take a LEAP into the unknown! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and get ready for your TURNING POINT!


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When faced with the opportunity to change or stay the same, most people make the choice - whether knowingly or unknowingly; consciously or subconsciously - to stay the same.

Most of us know that our lives could be better; we know we are capable of more; and we know we could be living more fully in EVERY area of life. But it is actually quite rare to find someone who is truly fulfilled.


So why don’t more people live the life they dream of? Why, when given the opportunity to do, have and be the best, do we settle for less?


Ask most of us if we want more out of life and we quickly agree that we do. But ask if we are using all our potential in order to receive more out of life, and we quickly agree that we are not! In fact we have found that the average person thinks they are only using about 30-40% of their potential.


So we all WANT more and we KNOW we can have more...what’s missing?


There are three key areas we need to focus on if we want to stop sliding down the same old slippery slope:

  1. Who We Are: When was the last time that you took an honest appraisal of everything that is wonderful about you? All of your strengths? All of your assets? Everything that you have on your side? Most people are WAY TOO HARD on themselves; they need help from others to see themselves in their true light. It is just too easy to sell yourself short and believe your own story if you try and do this alone.
  2. What Do We Really Want? When was the last time you sat down, and really thought about exactly what the life you want looks and feels like? Most people just live tomorrow as they did yesterday. The life you deserve is probably not going to happen on autopilot. If it’s going to happen, it is going to be by design, not by default.
  3. What Are We Allowing To Hold Us Back? How long have you be avoiding those things that you KNOW are holding you back? If you are going to move forward you have to face those fears head on and DECLARE that it is time to change.


Join us in Atlanta on May 3-5  for a life-altering experience. This event is unique because this is up close and personal, live and in-person - an opportunity to be closely coached by Paul Martinelli and experience a different level of interaction and breakthrough. We will take you through this tried and tested process to get you to your Turning Point.

Limited Spaces Available

Turning Point consists of two intensive days in an indoor workshop environment and a one day outdoor experience. Because of the nature of the interactive process you will be guided through, the group is limited in size. This event ALWAYS sells out!

We recommend that you register early to secure your spot.

Your Turning Point Experience

Here’s some information about the event you may find useful:

We have a block of rooms reserved at a special rate at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast, 5993 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

 After you have completed your registration, you will receive an email confirmation that will include the hotel link for you to book your room at our group rate. As meals are part of the intensive process, we are offering a mealplan that is included!

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the biggest airports in the world so flights are often easier and cheaper to find than many other US airports. 

The workshop begins on Friday May 3, 2019 at 8am so you will need to arrive on May 2nd. We will end at 4pm on the 5th so many of you will be able to fly out of Atlanta that night if you want to.

We have witnessed the extraordinary effect of going through this program with a loved one, so if you would like to bring a spouse or a child with you,  please do so. The workshop is best for children of 16 years and older. 

Click here to read the full Terms & Conditions for the event.

Thousands people have been through Turning Point in many different countries around the world! Watch the following video for just a few of the wonderful things they say about the transformational Turning Point Experience.

If you take three days out just for YOU; if you opt into a loving, supportive community of people all doing the same thing; if you summon the courage to hold a hand and face those fears; if you see yourself as you truly are; if you’re prepared to forgive those you need to forgive – including yourself ..  if you learn to let go....
You KNOW that something truly magnificent will happen in your life!
I am ready for MY Turning Point!