Help others to "clean their mirror".


Psycho-Cybernetics has been name checked by some of the most influential thinkers of our times. This instant classic still continues to sell in droves.

Why? Because your self-image is the starting point. Your self image is the foundation of your successes (or failures). Unlocking the power of a healthy self image is absolutely invaluable!

Now you have a chance to bring this book - along with the study Paul Martinelli and Roddy Galbraith have created for it, and Dr Bafitis' unique take on the material - to YOUR clients.


Our aim when we started this business, was to help you replicate EXACTLY what we do and the content we teach. We know many of you are here to learn personally and that's enough. But for those that want content already written and ready to deliver to YOUR clients, that's why we deliver the licensed version of our programs. We are excited to are this offer with you!

If helping those you serve live into their fullest, highest potential is one of your priorities as a coach, speaker or trainer - you can become licensed with us to teach this powerful material.


Here's all the details!

Self Image Mastery License includes all of these elements:

You’ll get all the resources you need to teach the program as your own, in partnership with the EM Team.

  • The workbook, in PDF and Word .doc ready to go or edit if you see fit (you’ll also get the digital flipbook of the workbook so you can email it to your clients)
  • Every PowerPoint and slide we used
  • Full transcribed scripts for each lesson
  • Our suite of editable graphics to accompany the program
  • Access to our EM License Holder program offering 2 live support calls every month
  • Access to our Speaking the Written Word program to help you deliver scripts over the phone in a natural and connecting way


I see the power of a healthy self-image and what it could do for those I work with!

What it takes to create a digital product like Self Image Mastery 

It literally takes us, the entire EM team, months to research and create the content you are enjoying! So to short cut YOUR delivery, we are giving you all the resources we’ve used to deliver this program, either as a teleconference with or as a webinar.

All you really need is your client’s email address and maybe a private facebook group to create a community feel and you are off!

You’ll also get our graphics that brand the program .. so you don’t need to recreate your own.

Of all our licensed programs, this is probably one of the easier ones to teach, with a wide appeal audience.

We connect with our team of license holders through our license hub program that Roddy and Heather run bi-monthly and our online community. We'd love for you to join us there!

Questions? Contact us here. We'd love to help!

Your Investment Options

2 easy payments


2 payments of $500.00


1 easy payment


1 payment of $995