I am in! I want to increase my sales!

$300m in sales. Here’s the HOW.

The question you have to ask yourself is this… Are you satisfied with your sales results? Do you think you can get better at influencing others?

If your answer is "I want to get better," then you are in the right place.

Paul Martinelli has sold over a quarter of a billion dollars of goods and services, and he has never actually taught the specific strategies that he’s utilized to achieve this level of success in an organized program open to the public… up until now!

Look, Paul knows there’s lots of different sales training programs out there that you can choose from… he’s also done his research and he knows that a lot of them stink. They really do.  For example, you have people saying they will teach you how to sell anything to anyone at anytime… Paul’s not going to teach you this. You know why? Because it’s unethical and will never allow you to win!

What Paul is going to teach you is a strategy that you can use to influence anybody who will benefit from what you have to offer. He will teach you how to close anyone that’s closeable.

Sure, you can use what Paul’s going to teach you for unethical purposes… because the strategies are that good, that you can influence people to do things they probably shouldn’t do.

But if you take what Paul’s going to teach you, and you apply it with ethics and integrity, you will produce the best results you have ever produced in your life, and you will help more people than you’ve ever helped up until now.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • The 5 Pillars of Sales that are fundamental to EVERY sale
  • A start-to-finish script that can be adapted to sell any product and any service
  • A process that can be used for any sales scenario, including in-person or over-the-phone
  • How to master the 9 most powerful and persuasive tonalities that allow you to influence your prospect’s subconscious mind at the highest level
  • One simple strategy to get past any objection and to bring your prospect right to the close
  • Also included:

    • 1 hour special body language training with Roddy Galbraith (and if you think body language is not important on the phone, think again!)
    • Access to the 3 hour sales training session given at our last BYEB Summit in Atlanta
    • Special video workshop on branding, "Seeing is Believing," by Paul's personal branding expert, Lane Jones (Paul will show you what makes people tick – their pain point – and Lane will show you what makes them click and stick, with her 5 part system for branding that is sure to give you a competitive edge.)

Whether you’re selling coaching services, leadership training, investments, real estate, insurance, consumable products, cars, or literally any other product or service, Paul guarantees that with his system for influencing and selling at the highest level, you will triple your investment in the next 90 days in your current business or sales position… or your money back.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Here is what some of the people who have already taken the course are saying:


Marc Major, Coach, Speaker – Leadership

Manchester, New Hampshire

“After 40 years in Sales, you would think that I have done and seen it all.  The EM Sales Program has opened my eyes to techniques that have already paid for the Program many times over.”

Bisi Soji-Oyawoye, Coach, Mentor, Trainer – Business and Leadership

Lagos, Nigeria

“This Sales Training is DEEP, yet not complicated. I am learning to be a Sales Professional rather than a Sales Person! Thank you, Paul and Holly!”


Karl Pister, Executive Consulting – Healthcare Industry

Portland, Oregon

“Result? $12,000.00 dollar extension on a current contract, and much more confidence in the other calls. Not a bad ROI for a Monday morning!”


Susan Recarey – CRB, GRI Broker/Associate  Real Estate

Key Largo, Florida 

“I have been in sales for over 45 years. This course is a must for those looking to up their sales significantly. I have seen great results in the few short weeks since completing this program and found new enthusiasm for the art of the sale.”


Daryl Snow, Speaker, Trainer, Coach – Real Estate

Gilbert, Arizona

“I’ve been in sales for almost 40 years and learned more in just the first 2 hours of the training than I had in those prior 40 years! If ever I doubted spending the money on this program for myself, that went out the window very quickly. Paul and Holly under promised and WAY over delivered! Thanks to all who put this program together.”


Alice Givens, President, Carlstedt's 

Monroe, Louisiana

“The EM Sales Program is not just a sales program; it is a communication program! This program dives into mannerisms, attitudes, tonalities and tips that made all the difference! Paul and Holly did a killer job in creating & bringing this program to life!


Mike T. Lightner, President, Dare2Dream Leadership Development, LLC

Anchorage, Alaska

"Unlike other sales programs, this program offers a sound methodology and proven scrips to help sales professionals successfully deal with rejection.  And above all else, the EM Sales Program is so simple and easy to understand that anyone can learn it and apply it to increase their sales and generate greater profits."


Katy Hiatt, President, Plantivity, LLC

Eagle, Colorado

“This program has changed everything I thought about selling. The results I get when using this system is incredible. I’m already seeing amazing results in the small amount time I have been using these techniques. I cannot wait to train my entire team in this program!”

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